keskiviikko 11. heinäkuuta 2012

June 12th 2012

Le Marin, Martinique

What a fantastic leg from Salvador Bahia to Le Marin, Martinique! During our last week at sea, we broke our previous records of both mileage in 12 hours and mileage in 24 hours, which are now 102.1 nm and 203.8 nm respectively. That's pretty good considering the dimensions and weight of our good boat Sarema who is by no means a racer. When heading south, it took us exactly one month to sail from Trinidad to Fortaleza, Brazil, and now, thanks to the same winds and currents that made our lives downright miserable at the time, it took us only 19 days to sail all the way from Salvador to Martinique.

We left Buenos Aires on the 28th of April and arrived in Le Marin, Martinique, on the 11th of June. Of the 44 days, we spent 40 days at sea during which we made a total of 5036.4 nautical miles, 126 miles a day on average. 

It looks like we are back in favour not only with Ilmarinen, the ancient Finnish God of the Winds, but also with Ahti, the God of the Seas, as we finally managed to catch a fish. And this time it was a proper fish, both tasty and beautiful, although of a species unknown to us.

We'll stay in Le Marin for just a few days to refuel and reprovision and then, by tradition, stop at Petite Anse D'Arlets for a day of snorkelling before we leave the Caribbean waters behind. Next, we'll make our landfall in Horta, the Azores, where we should be at the beginning of July, provided we manage to avoid the Azores High.

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