tiistai 20. maaliskuuta 2012

March 18th 2012

Ilha Grande

From Rio de Janeiro we sailed to Ilha Grande, approximately 60 nautical miles further south. Since 60 miles normally means about half a day's sailing, we anchored in Enseada do Botafogo near the Sugar Loaf for the day and set sail around 9 pm in order to be in Enseada do Abraão early next morning. As luck would have it (actually, why wasn't I surprised at all!), we had headwind and counter-current all the way to Ilha Grande so that, after about 20 hours of motoring, we arrived at Abraão the following day around 5 pm.
The next morning, we went ashore to explore the tiny village. We tied our dinghy to a tree near a small building which, to our amazement, advertised

On a Brazilian jungle island, an ice cream parlour selling Finnish ice cream which is, as everybody knows, the best in the world! Who could resist that? Well, at least we couldn't, and Pekka had a scoopful of Finnish Chocolate and I took Creme Finlandês which turned out to be my all-time favourite, rum and raisin with an additional ingredient, cashew nuts, which made it even better. What a wonderful way to start our explorations in the wild!

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