tiistai 20. maaliskuuta 2012

March 15th 2012

A Memorable Day in Rio de Janeiro!

22° 55,108' S, 43°10,212' W

Initially, we had thought of skipping Rio de Janeiro because of our schedule (as tight as ever!) but, fortunately, we changed our mind. Although we spent only a few days in Rio, we learned to know it better than Salvador where we had spent more than a month. During our short visit, we fell in love with this beautiful city, with its lush greenery, steep mountains, and white beaches. All this is thanks to José, a surgeon, a fellow sailor, and a true Carioca. Without him, we would have been just a pair of dumb tourists wasting our precious time trying to figure out which attractions to see and how best to find them.

José gave us a one-day Crash Course in Rio de Janeiro. From 10 am till 10 pm he drove us around both by car and by boat, and entertained us with interesting stories about his beloved city, its history, geography, architecture, and people. After the sightseeing tour, we took José's boat to Enseada de Botafogo where we dropped anchor near Pão de Acúcar, aka the Sugar Loaf, and enjoyed delicious seafood cataplana in the company of Flavia and Clarissa, the two most important girls in José's life. Thank you, José Antonio, for a day to remember!

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