torstai 20. lokakuuta 2011

October 19th 2011


Because we have been forced to use the engine much too much due to the counter current and lack of wind, on the 16th of October, we stopped at French Guyana to get fuel. We anchored at the bend of the River Mahury next to the Marina Degrad des Cannes just off Cayenne, the country's capital. There was no fuel dock at the Marina and the nearest petrol station was more than ten kilometres away. The fact that because we were in FRENCH Guyana everybody spoke nothing but French, presented another problem for us. But with the help of a lovely young Brazilian sailing couple, Andreia and Matheus, we managed to rent a car and then using the good old Jerry Can Method, got our tanks full. This morning, we set sail again and are currently motoring against two knot wind and one knot current towards Brazil.

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