maanantai 29. huhtikuuta 2013

April 29th 2013

Northbound at last!

37° 06,61' N, 08° 40,51' W

S/Y Sarema left the marina of Lagos, Portugal, on Sunday the 21s of April more than a week behind schedule due to Webasto sparepart problems.
The sun was shining from blue skies but as often as not, the wind was against us. We had 25 to 35 knots headwind most of the time, and while banging against the waves, we managed to lose our good, old boat hook and a winch handle holder, and during our fourth day at sea, our mainsail halyard broke which was a bit more serious.

But, although we had been ashore for more than half a year, clearly we had not turned into landlubbers as the experience was like “Been there, done that!” if you know what I mean. Since, according to the weather forecast, the conditions were about to deteriorate, we decided to head for Vigo, Spain.

We are now in the safe haven provided by the Royal Nautical Club of Vigo.

We have been passing the time here roaming the narrow streets and alleys of the old town, located right next to the marina, tasting local wines, and enjoying Galician gastronomy “which is dominated by ocean-fresh seafood offering a stunning range of fish and shellfish which, due to the temperature and type of plankton in Galicia's estuaries, have an unrivalled taste”, as praised in the Guide of Vigo, and rightly so!

Although enjoying our stay in Vigo, we will continue our voyage as soon as there is a weather window that will allow us to cross the Bay of Biscay safely. But, according to the latest weather forecast, the outlook for the next couple of days is not at all promising.

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