perjantai 3. elokuuta 2012

July 28th 2012

Home Sweet Home!

The winds died sooner than we had expected, already in the wee hours of the 26th. We were drifting once again but with the difference that, this time, we had our tanks full (ha ha!!). Luckily, this lasted only for a few hours after which our speed increased from zero to close to three knots. After passing Cabo Sao Vicente, with the help of the afternoon breeze we managed to reach Lagos, and dropped anchor in the bay the same afternoon. Two days later, we were towed into the marina.

We were almost as lucky when crossing the Atlantic!
Surprisingly, despite all our troubles we are not yet tired of sailing, on the contrary. For next summer, we have great plans but first, we have to get our good boat Sarema back on her feet.

So, till next spring, we wish you all FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS!

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