perjantai 10. toukokuuta 2013

May 4th 2013

Leaving Vigo

We have now spent a whole week in Vigo, waiting for the wind to abate.

This morning, we were ready and more than anxious to continue our delayed voyage but as luck would have it, the Real Club Nautico had run out of fuel!!! So, we'll stay here yet another day but the positive thing about this is that the wind should be even more favourable for us as of tomorrow.

During the past week, we have explored every nook and granny in Vigo's lovely old town, visited numerous (maybe too many!?) interesting bars, taverns, restaurants, and pubs all keeping up the old tapas tradition: with every glass of wine, you are served something salty and delicious included in the price of the wine, typically tortilla, small pies, local cheeses, sausages etc. 

In Vigo's old town centre, Casco Vello, some of the street names date back to the times of guilds and tradesmen. One day, while sauntering along Rua Cesteiros, Basket Weavers' Street, we stopped at a wickerwork shop to buy a basket which we have found to be the best way to store fresh fruit and vegetables on board.

Today, as our last venture in the city of Vigo, we took part in a noisy demonstration against Spanish banks of which, as ex-Spanish residents, we have very little if anything positive to say.

Thanks to our rotten luck with fuel, we could once more enjoy a delicious Galician lunch, our last for a long, long time: pulpo, berberechos, navajas, and pimientos de padron.

Tomorrow, around 10 a.m. we'll cast off the lines, (hopefully!) fill our tanks, and head for the Bay of Biscay.

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