lauantai 5. marraskuuta 2011

November 4th 2011

Finally in Brazil!

“Only three more days to Fortaleza!” exclaimed Pekka as he was looking at the electronic chart. That was exactly seven days ago! But eventually, we reached Fortaleza, and are now tied to the floating dock of the Marina Park Hotel. We arrived here yesterday morning and in the afternoon, fell into a 'coma' from pure exhaustion and slept for 14 hours uninterrupted (Latte included!).

We'll probably have to stay here for at least a week in order to empty and clean the fuel tanks, to sew the torn foresail, to get the lower stay fixed, to find out why there is water in the bilge, etc. etc. etc. But, it already seems evident that we are going to continue our voyage, however trying, towards Alaska!
It took us 27 days to sail from Trinidad's Chaguaramas to Fortaleza during which time we made a total of 2,583 nautical miles although the distance between the two amounts to no more than c. 1,600 nmiles as the crow flies.

Postscriptum: Tauno the Lizard perished during our voyage, and was given a burial at sea in accordance with the old Maritime Tradition. The fly called Tauno's Dinner, on the other hand, was last seen just before the insect invasion during which he disappeared into the maddening crowd and has by now, hopefully, migrated to South America.

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