lauantai 25. toukokuuta 2013

May 17th 2013

Through the English Channel

I now know a place where I will never ever want to go back again, and that is the English Channel! Oh my God, there were currents running every-which-way, ferries rushing back and forth, and a zillion ships all over the place. It was a miracle that we managed to squeeze us in!

Although after Dover Strait the conditions improved considerably, it was a rugged ride altogether and we arrived in Brunsbüttel, Germany, dead tired as neither of us had hardly slept a wink while sailing through the traffic-infested waters. We were also a little upset as our forestay broke in the Channel. To be quite honest, we could very well have done without this additional delay in our already tight schedule!

But, as you know a good night's sleep can make a world of difference, and this morning when we woke up and realized that we were soon about to enter the Baltic Sea for the first time in eleven years, we felt absolutely marvellous!

We'll try to fix the forestay problem as quickly as possible and continue, hopefully already tomorrow, our passage through the Kiel Canal towards Finland.

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