tiistai 20. maaliskuuta 2012

March 16th 2012

Guanabara Bay

When sailing in Enseada de Jurujuba, we saw something strange floating in the water, something that, looking from afar, we could not quite comprehend at first. As we came closer, it turned out that there were hundreds and hundreds of oil canisters and thousands of water bottles tied up in bundles, all anchored to submerged lines. It looked like an artistic installation but, of course, it served a more practical purpose: it was a Poor Man's Breakwater. What an ingenious way of reusing plastic bottles!

Baia da Guanabara appeared to be excellent fishing grounds. Even in the small basin of Marina da Gloria practically in the heart of the city, big silvery fish were jumping about in abundance, bringing to mind our summers in Alaska. In the bay, there were small boats anchored all around with one or two fishing enthusiasts aboard. As there are no marked shipping lanes, big cargo vessels and cruise liners had to carefully manoeuvre around them. It was nice to see that it is not always the small that must give way to the big!

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