tiistai 7. helmikuuta 2012

February 7th 2012

Salvador, Bahia Marina

12º 58.678' S, 38º 31.208' W

When visiting the Itaparica village church, I saw this notice on the wall. I don't know how people are normally reminded to keep their mobile phones switched off during a church service but this is how they do it in Itaparica.

It says:

“God wants to talk to you but not over the mobile phone”

I found it quite sweet!

It was time for a hair cut! Pekka left for Finland last Saturday and in order to look presentable he went to the local barber's while we were still in Itaparica. Once again, we were amazed how inexpensive everything is here, half an hour's work for a mere 7 reais (3 €). And the end result was excellent! The only downside of the short hair is that Pekka now has less protection against the cold Finnish winter, the temperatures currently ranging between -22C and -39C. But I am sure he'll survive.

Riitta and Latte stayed behind and are now on board the Sarema at Bahia Marina, Salvador. The location of the marina is such that it would be very easy to go sightseeing except for one thing, the military police (Policia Militar) who are responsible for maintaining law and order in the country, are on strike and serious looking soldiers are now patrolling the streets day and night. According to the local newspaper, between January 31st and February 5th, 84 people were killed in Salvador, 192 vehicles were destroyed, and there were two attacks on buses. So, it looks like it's going to be a long fortnight for Riitta and Latte, but better safe than sorry!

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